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Hey everybody today was a awesome day. I have been in the market for a newer style RDA for a while. The only thing though was that I was always intimidated to make a purchase because of past experiences. I would purchase some atomizers and they always left me in regret with the acceptation of the Troll V2 RDA. Till now that is. So let me back up a little bit, I knew this time I had to be smart about how I bought my rda so this time I not only asked lots of people but also looked at the feedback from many sources. After I narrowed down the search a little I realized I still wanted to see it in person first. I am telling you I was super stubborn this time about it. Maybe it was the goon that scared me so much paying almost $80 dollars for it and end up loving my $20 Troll V2 better. So I called shops in my area, I must have called like eight shops and the sad truth is many of them didn’t even have the rdas I was looking for and I asked them why they didn’t have newer rdas and they said they don’t like to stock rdas as much anymore which brings another question are rdas a dying bread anyways I finally call this shop called easy vapor it is located in Johnston Rhode Island and finally I found a shop with all the new and great RDAs it was like all the other shops were stuck back in time and here this shop is with the latest products. So after finding out they had the rda I wanted and also others I was actually interested in but before I made the drive which was 40 minutes away I wanted to gather how much they where charging and so I ask the gentlemen and he told me over the phone for the dead rabbit it was $34.00 and the first thought that came to my head was holy shit a vape shop that doesn’t price gouge. (yes I know you can get it online for $29.99 but for a $4 mark up to get it at a brick and morter to cover their over head is more then fair) So after hearing the price and how impressed that not only they had the product but they offered a reasonable price I had to go check them out. So finally I arrive at the store and I see all the latest RDAs , Mods etc etc they variety was unmatched. We get into a conversation about vaping, Mixing , coil building , regs , advocacy and to kind of wrap things up it was hands down the best experience all around I have had in a vape shop I even got to try the rda he already had there before I bought it he even built my rda and threw in free aliens to boot now sure I could have done it myself but he offered and I was impressed. I end up leaving the store with The excellent Dead Rabbit (Yes it has awesome flavor review coming soon) I also got new snips and a 60ml of this strawberry crunch juice that tastes really good that i want to clone. Oh yeah and before I left when we where talking about mixing he said he no longer did but about 4 months ago he had 160z bottles of flavors that he just threw out and said if I would have went in sooner he would have just given it to me so that was the only bummer but what are you gonna do. Best experience and Buy ever in a vape shop to date

Update. I am still working on some things for the site keep an eye out periodically for new content.

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